Petrus Canisius College from Alkmaar, The Netherlands

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PCC Het Lyceum, Alkmaar – The Netherlands

Petrus Canisius College is a catholic comprehensive school, where students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures are welcomed. The school has five locations, based in Alkmaar, Heiloo and Bergen, and provides education to approximately 3,000 students. PCC offers education to students with varying degrees of interest and motivation, knowledge and skills at several levels: vocational secondary education, senior secondary education and university preparatory education.

In addition to the mandatory subjects, the school offers a number of special education programs, e.g. vwo-Xtra (grammar school for grade 1-3), Mavo+, and also our vocational ‘Vakcolleges’ aimed at educating professionals in Engineering or all-round professionals.

Students at PCC can extend their curriculum by taking extra courses in sports, English and/or science. PCC education is highly project-based and guides students towards self-sufficient learning. Students gain experience by participating in extracurricular activities both inside and outside the school, where experienced professionals are invited to share their knowledge and skills. PCC explicitly prepares students for continued education and helps them make a well-considered career choice.

The Lyceum location takes part in collaborative projects and programs with schools in Germany, France, the UK and China. We are housed in a modern school building, equipped with excellent facilities. We encourage students to set the bar high: performance is important and good results are celebrated.

For first grade students in our special vwo-Xtra laptop classes, we use teaching methods based on multiple intelligences theory, a recipe for inspiration. He or she will continuously be challenged by subjects like Chinese, Arts and Science, as well as by empirical learning during the many extracurricular lessons.

Students in the higher grades of PCC’s selective secondary education are continuously challenged to broaden their horizons. PCC Het Lyceum offers special opportunities like the Anglia-program, the Cambridge University program, school trips abroad and the Internationalisation program.

The students’ road to success is strengthened by ‘Elementary Building Blocks’ and subsequently by ‘Excellence Building Blocks’ to even further enhance and broaden the students’ intellectual development. The ’To the Top’ program in grade 3 and 4 helps students to develop their personal learning schemes to meet intellectual demands in higher grades. In working together closely with research universities, universities of applied sciences, businesses and institutions, PCC establishes an outstanding preparation for final exams and higher education.

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